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Bagdogra to Kolkata Flight Information

Planning a trip from Bagdogra to Kolkata and looking for flight information? This guide provides everything you need to know about flying from Bagdogra to Kolkata, including airlines flying this route, flight times, popular airports, fares, and tips for getting cheap flights.

Bagdogra airport is undoubtedly the most prominent domestic as well as international airport of the North East India. Daily passenger run from the airport is very vast as it is the best source of air connectivity for Siliguri, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Kurseong, Kalimpong. It is the busiest airport on North East India out of 17 airports. Kolkata the capital city of West Bengal is the major business hub of India in fact is also most serving city from British time, there is high demand for flights between the two cities, with multiple airlines operating direct daily services. On average there are around 12 direct flights per day between Bagdogra to Kolkata. 

Airlines Flying from Bagdogra to Kolkata

Some of the major airlines offering direct flights from Bagdogra to Kolkata include:

  • Air India
  • IndiGo
  • SpiceJet
  • Akasa
  • Vistara
  • Air India Express

Of these, IndiGo and Air India have the highest number of daily non-stop flights on the Bagdogra to Kolkata route. Budget airlines like SpiceJet and Air India Express also offer cheaper flight options.

Flight Duration from Bagdogra to Kolkata

Bagdogra to Kolkata is a short 1-hour flight. The aerial distance between Bagdogra to Kolkata is about 279 miles (449 km).


Given the high air traffic and passenger volume, airlines schedule flights throughout the day between the two cities. The earliest flight departs Kolkata at 8.20 AM and the last flight departs around 6.30 PM

On average, here is the flight time between Bagdogra to Kolkata:

  • Nonstop flights: 1 hours

Cost of Flying from Bagdogra to Kolkata

When you try to book plane tickets, the main thing you worry about is the price. The cheapest flight you can book from Bagdogra to Kolkata is around Rs. 1,500. However, it can go high as up to Rs. 8,000. The airfare from Bagdogra to Kolkata varies based on numerous factors. They include the travel class you choose and the demand available. In general, you will have to spend more money to book Business Class air tickets. But anyone looking for cheap flights can settle down with Economy Class.

Airports in Bagdogra

The major airport in Bagdogra is Bagdogra International Airport (IXB). Located in Siliguri about 30 minutes from the city center, it connects Siliguri to all major Indian cities and global destinations.

This airport has a single terminal.

Moreover, you can find ambulances offering emergency medical care 24x7.

For the most flight options, Bagdogra International Airport (IXB) is the best airports to fly in and out of Bagdogra and Kolkata

Airports in Kolkata

The main airport in Kolkata is:

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU)

  • This is Kolkata's largest airport and India’s oldest airport located about 17 km from central Kolkata. It handles most of the domestic and international air traffic from Kolkata. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU) Located in Dum Dum, it connects Kolkata to all major Indian cities and global destinations.

This airport has one terminal. When traveling from Bagdogra, you will be using the main terminal at Kolkata Airport. There are multiple stores and eateries that you can find in the terminal building. They include:

· Nil Kamal

· Khadi Gram Udyog

· Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

· Wow! China

· The Oberoi Bakery & Pastry Shop


· Pizza Hut

You can also find several shops selling souvenirs and gifts.

Best Time to Book Bagdogra to Kolkata Flights

As Siliguri is the major business hub of North East India while Kolkata is the major business hubs of India, flight tickets pricing is generally varies to great extent. But there are deals and discounts to make flying affordable between the two cities:

  • Prices are usually lower Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays compared to other days
  • Last-minute flights sometimes have great offers
  • You can find the cheapest Bagdogra to Kolkata flights during off-season months like July and August

In terms of time, aim to book about 1-3 months in advance for the best fares. This is when airlines offer discounts while seats are still available.

Documents Required When Traveling form Bagdogra to Kolkata

While booking flight tickets for Bagdogra to Kolkata flights, you should also be mindful about the document requirements. Below are the important documents that you should provide while entering the airport. Your flight tickets will be emailed to you. It is better if you can take a print-out of the flight ticket booking. Along with that, you should have any of the following documents with you.

·  A valid passport

·  A voter ID card

·  Driving license in India

·  PAN Card offered from Income Tax Department

·  Photo Credit Card

·  A Photo Card issued by a reputed organization (private or government)

·  Birth certificate when you travel with children

·  School ID cards for the children

Baggage Information

During air ticket booking, you should also be mindful about baggage information. A cheap flight booking will compromise on your baggage allowance. Hence, you must carefully check your baggage requirements and go ahead to book airline tickets.

Here are some of the most common baggage allowances when you fly from Bagdogra to Kolkata.

·  IndiGo

You will get 7kg hand luggage and 15kg checked luggage allowance.

·  SpiceJet

You will get 7kg hand luggage and 15kg checked luggage allowance. However, they are quite strict on the hand luggage allowance. This is something to keep in mind as you book plane tickets. 

Tips to Save Money When Flying from Bagdogra to Kolkata

While booking flights between Bagdogra and Kolkata, getting budget airfares should not be difficult if you plan smartly. Use these proven tips to reduce costs on your next trip:

·  Be Flexible with Dates

If your travel schedule is not cast in stone, flexibility with dates can help you save tremendously. Airlines adjust fares almost daily based on demand forecasts.

Use flight comparison tools and track prices for a few weeks to spot unusually low fares on certain travel dates. Being open to flying on cheaper days can knock off 20-30% from your ticket cost.

Weekday flights like Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are generally less expensive than high-demand Monday or Friday flights from Kolkata to Kolkata. Similarly, traveling in off-peak months sees lower pricing.

·  Last-Minute Deals

While booking flights in advance is often cheaper, excellent last-minute deals can arise too. Airlines float limited-period discount offers, flash sales and seat sales on social media and email newsletters, especially if a flight is not filling up fast.

If your travel dates are not fixed, keep track of last-minute flight deals. Sign up for all airline alerts so you don’t miss sudden discounted fares before booking.

·  Redeem Award Miles

Frequent flyer programs of airlines like Air India, Vistara and Jet Airways allow miles redemption for award flights. Use accumulated miles from previous travels to buy discounted flight vouchers or upgrade your cabin class.

Miles are easiest to redeem for short routes like Bagdogra-Kolkata. Calculate accumulated miles beforehand and redeem them strategically for cabins with higher mileage returns.

·  Fly Budget Airlines

To consistently get the lowest Bagdogra to Kolkata airfares, fly with low-cost carriers like IndiGo, Go First or SpiceJet. Their no-frills base fares coupled with convenient red-eye timings or point-to-point routes maximize savings.

Pack light as checked baggage allowance is lower. opt out of paid add-ons like pre-selected seats or in-flight meals to pay just for the ticket.

·  Take Connecting Flights

One-stop flights break your journey into two sectors with a layover, with total travel time being just 2-3 hours extra. But costs can be reduced substantially compared to nonstop services.

Cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, or Ahmedabad offers cheaper layover flights. Check routes on flight booking sites as savings could be 30% or higher over direct options.

·  Fly Early Morning or Late Night

Early birds catch the worms! Flights departing Bagdogra or Kolkata very early in the morning and flights arriving post-midnight usually cost much lesser than regular daytime or evening flights.

Business travellers avoid taking red-eye flights. If you can manage waking up early or reaching late-night, big-ticket savings await without compromising on in-flight services.

We hope these money-saving tricks help you save big on Bagdogra to Kolkata flight tickets every single time!

Places to Visit in Kolkata

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is the capital of India's West Bengal state. Founded in the late 17th century, it's known for its colonial architecture, rich history, and vibrant cultural scene. Here are some of the top places to visit in Kolkata:

  • Victoria Memorial: A grand white marble building built in memory of Queen Victoria. It houses a museum with a collection of British Raj-era artifacts.


  • Howrah Bridge: An iconic cantilever bridge over the Hooghly River. It's one of the busiest bridges in the world and a famous landmark of Kolkata.


  • Dakshineswar Kali Temple: A large and ornate Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali. It's a popular pilgrimage site and an important centre of Bengali culture.


  • Indian Museum: The oldest and largest museum in India. It houses a vast collection of antiquities, including mummies, sculptures, and paintings.


  • Marble Palace: A magnificent 19th-century mansion known for its opulent interiors and European artworks.


  • Park Street: A lively area with colonial-era buildings, restaurants, cafes, and bars. It's a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike.


  • College Street: Nicknamed "Boi Para" (Book Lane), this area is lined with bookstores and publishers. It's a paradise for book lovers.


  • Eden Gardens: A large cricket stadium that is home to the Bengal Cricket Team. It's also a popular venue for other sporting events and concerts.


  • Belur Math: The headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission, a Hindu religious and monastic order. The serene campus includes beautiful temples and gardens.


  • Mother House: The Missionaries of Charity headquarters, founded by Saint Teresa. Visitors can learn about her life and work here.

Places to Visit in Bagdogra

Bagdogra is the central airport connecting major cities of North East India.  Places to visit near Bagdogra are:

·  Siliguri: it is the main business centre of Northeast India where you can buy trendy clothes, towels, light work or heavy work Kolkata sarees, foreign chocolates and goods or you can say from nail to aeroplane

·  Darjeeling: the Queen of hills is located at 67 km from Bagdogra airport. It is a small beautiful hill station where you can enjoy the early sunrise at Tiger hill, the toy train running around the clouds, its traditional cuisine, the chill weather with hot Darjeeling tea.

·  Sikkim: it is a small yet most attractive state of India with its beautiful landscape, cool weather, and humble people around.

Gangtok the capital city of Sikkim is a beautiful place. Clean and frosty weather, where you can enjoy snow in winters at Nathula or Baba Mandir. Mahatma Gandhi Marg of Gangtok is the most enjoyable freaking out place. 

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