TripMaza Cookies Policy
Last Updated – 15th September 2023

TripMaza uses cookies on its flight search & booking service. By accessing or using this service you consent the use of cookies.

TripMaza website including mobile site and mobile app including but not limited to iOS / Android uses first and third party cookies, both session and permanent, to make the website work properly, collect information about the traffic or remember user’s actions and preferences over time.

This Cookie Policy explains when and why cookies are used by TripMaza.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a piece of data from a website that is stored within a web browser that the website can retrieve at a later time. Cookies are used to tell the server that users have returned to a particular website.

Why does TripMaza use Cookies?

Cookies enhance your browsing experience by enabling us to provide better and more efficient services. They facilitate easy access by allowing you to log in without entering your username each time (only your password is required). Additionally, these cookies may be utilized to display relevant advertisements while you browse the website or to send you offers via email, unless you have opted out of receiving such communication. These offers typically focus on flights that align with your interests.

Furthermore, cookies play a crucial role in improving the website's content, responsiveness, and speed. Their tracking capabilities help us understand your preferences, allowing us to adapt the site promptly. Cookies aid in remembering information such as your username and contribute to providing you with the latest deals and offers.

Advertising servers or third-party advertising companies may also deploy cookies for tracking the effectiveness of ads served on the website. This information is used to generate aggregated statistics about your website visits, which then inform the display of ads on our site or other platforms that may align with your interests. This process involves anonymous data collection through pixel tags, an industry-standard technology widely used by major websites. The collected information is entirely anonymous and does not link online actions to specific users.

It's worth noting that while most web browsers automatically accept cookies, you have the option to control their acceptance by adjusting your browser settings or using specific software programs. Importantly, although cookies may track your website usage, they are incapable of personally identifying you or any other visitor to our website.

Automatic Logging of Session Data:

Whenever you visit our website, data pertaining to your session is recorded. This session data encompasses elements such as IP address, operating system, browser software type, and the actions performed by the user during their time on the website. The purpose of collecting session data is to analyze user preferences, browsing behaviors, including visit frequency and duration of sessions. Additionally, it aids in identifying issues with our servers and enhances the overall administration of our systems. It's important to note that the mentioned information does not personally identify any user. However, it may be conceivable to ascertain a user's Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the general geographic location of their connectivity point based on the provided session data.

Types of Cookies:

There are several types of cookies, each serving distinct purposes. Here are some common types:

  1. Session Cookies:

    • Purpose: Temporary cookies that are erased when you close your browser.
    • Use: Store session-specific information, such as shopping cart contents.
  2. Persistent Cookies:

    • Purpose: Remain on your device after you close your browser.
    • Use: Remember user preferences and enhance user experience over time.
  3. First-party Cookies:

    • Purpose: Set by the website you are visiting.
    • Use: Collect data for website functionality and analytics.
  4. Third-party Cookies:

    • Purpose: Set by domains other than the one you are visiting.
    • Use: Often used for advertising and tracking across websites.
  5. Secure Cookies:

    • Purpose: Sent over encrypted connections (HTTPS).
    • Use: Enhance security by ensuring that data is transmitted securely.
  6. Http Only Cookies:

    • Purpose: Cannot be accessed through JavaScript, enhancing security.
    • Use: Protect against certain types of attacks, such as cross-site scripting.
  7. Analytical or Performance Cookies:

    • Purpose: Track user behavior to measure website performance.
    • Use: Provide insights for website improvements and optimizations.
  8. Functionality Cookies:

    • Purpose: Remember user choices and preferences.
    • Use: Customize website features based on user selections.
  9. Targeting or Advertising Cookies:

    • Purpose: Track user behavior across websites to deliver targeted advertisements.
    • Use: Personalize ads based on user interests and browsing history.
  10. Flash Cookies (Local Shared Objects):

    • Purpose: Store data from Adobe Flash plugins.
    • Use: Track and store information similar to other types of cookies

Understanding these cookie types is essential for both users and website operators to navigate privacy concerns and make informed decisions about online data usage.

Similar Technologies:

In addition to using cookies, we may also use other tracking technologies on our services, such as pixel tags, web beacons, eTags, and local storage. Pixel tags are also known as clear GIFs, pixels, or web bugs. These technologies have many uses, including the storage of user preferences and viewing histories, the gathering of demographic data about our user base, the tracking of user activity while using the service, the delivery of interest-based advertisements, and the improvement of our knowledge of site traffic, visitor behavior, and marketing campaigns.

Pixel tags, which are tiny code fragments included into online pages, mobile apps, or adverts, make it easier to send data from your device to a website operated by a third party. Web beacons are little electronic files that give websites the ability to count people who have visited a specific page or access a particular cookie. An individual's device's local storage, which includes HTML 5, enables a website or mobile app to store and retrieve data. eTags are tags that we and our commerce partners use to analyze trends. Together, these tracking tools help us evaluate user involvement more thoroughly, enabling us to improve and optimize several facets of our services.

By opting into Our Cookie Policy, you allow us to:

Display pertinent content.
• Gather information to enhance your website experience.
• Provide analytics and advertising partners with information about how you use the website.
• Give you offers and coupons for discounts.
• Display your combined savings.

What are your cookie options and preferences?

We know that occasionally you might want to manage your cookies, so we've provided some advice.
You may always modify your cookie settings or remove all cookies.
You can limit which cookies you accept or reject using your browser's settings. The majority of browsers also have features that let you examine and delete cookies. We will presume that you are okay with receiving all cookies on the Service if you use the Service without adjusting your browser settings. Please be aware that not all elements of the Service may function as intended if cookies are disabled.
You can turn on, erase, or refuse cookies in your web browser if you don't want the website to evaluate your preferences, flight reservations, and intended travel location. Visit your browser's help page for more information.
You risk losing our excellent offer and some of the unique benefits we provide to our customers if you remove or set your browser to not allow cookies. Due to the cookies policy, you might not be able to save your settings and some of the pages might not appear correctly. Cookies are only used by us to better understand user behavior and experience. Additionally, we use it to send out advertising offers that we come up for flight bookings.

Does this Policy Change?

This Cookie Policy is subject to modification at any time. To know when this Cookie Policy was last updated, please look at the date at the top of this page. Any modifications to this Cookie Policy will take effect as soon as we post the updated Cookie Policy on the Service.

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