TM Corporate Advantage

Get to know how TripMaza helps its Corporate Partners to reduce their travel expenses with their corporate booking programme. 

Benefits of choosing TripMaza

TripMaza plays a crucial role in facilitating and managing various aspects of corporate travel and event planning. 

Here are some advantages TripMaza provides to Corporate Partners.

  1. Time Savings: Our experienced professionals can quickly research and arrange travel accommodations, transportation, and event logistics. This saves your' time and allows you to focus on your core responsibilities.

  2. Expertise: Our team has in-depth knowledge of the travel industry, including best practices, trends, and cost-saving strategies. We can provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to the specific needs of a company.

  3. Cost Efficiency: Our established relationships with airlines, hotels, and other service providers, allowing us to negotiate better rates and discounts. We can help companies make cost-effective choices while still maintaining the quality of travel arrangements.

  4. Customization: We can tailor travel and event plans to meet the unique requirements of each company. We can consider preferences, budgets, and any special requests, ensuring a personalized experience for travelers and attendees.

  5. Emergency Support: Travel disruptions, flight cancellations, and other unexpected issues can arise during corporate travel. We can provide immediate assistance, rebooking flights, rearranging accommodations, and managing any unforeseen challenges.

  6. Streamlined Processes: We can centralize the booking and planning process, providing a single point of contact for all your travel and event arrangements. This simplifies communication and coordination, reducing the potential for misunderstandings.

  7. Compliance and Policy Adherence: We are well-versed in travel policies and regulations. They can help ensure that all bookings align with company policies and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

  8. Access to Tools and Technology: With our online booking platform you have access to an advanced booking system and our travel management tools  can help streamline the process, track expenses, and provide reporting for better decision-making.

  9. Negotiation and Contract Management: When dealing with large events or group travel, we can negotiate contracts with vendors, ensuring that all terms and conditions are favorable to our valued corporates. This can include cancellation policies, payment terms, and other important details.

  10. Convenience: We offer a convenient solution by handling all the logistics involved in corporate travel and event planning. This allows employees to focus on their work responsibilities while leaving the travel arrangements to us

In summary, we offer a range of advantages that contribute to efficient, cost-effective, and well-organized corporate travel and events. Their expertise, industry knowledge, and ability to manage various aspects of the process can be immensely beneficial for corporate companies of all sizes.

We started in 20007 with a dream to become trusted brand providing value for money travel solutions, Within a short period of time our hard work and dedication has earned us the trust of our valued customers and travel partners to become one of the leading and profitable travel brands in the country.

Our Divisions-

We have two divisions and our online booking platform is one of the leading flight booking tools used by corporates and travel partners.

1.     Shree Travels-. An IATA accredited company catering to both Corporates, B2b & B2C customers for flights and hotel bookings.

2.     Tripmaza Holidays Pvt. Ltd.  – An IATA accredited company specialised for Holiday and Visa booking services.

Online Booking  -

Book all your flight tickets at your own convenience on your booking online tool.

Offline Boooking - Phone / Whatsapp - 8101022022 (24 x 7 Support)

Our sales and support teams are available 24 x 7 to help you book all your flights. We also help you to select seats, meals, baggage or with any requests like boarding pass etc. Hassle free booking is what we aim to provide our customers.

Benefits of Corporate Flight Tickets

Corporate flight tickets, which refer to airline tickets booked for business travel purposes, come with several advantages that cater specifically to the needs of corporate travelers and their employers. Here are some of the advantages of using corporate flight tickets:
  1. Flexibility: Corporate flight tickets often come with more flexible terms and conditions compared to regular tickets. This can be crucial for business travelers who might need to change their travel plans due to meetings, conferences, or other business-related reasons.

  2. Priority Services: Many airlines offer priority check-in, security screening, and boarding for corporate travelers. This helps save time and ensures a smoother travel experience, allowing employees to reach their destinations more efficiently.

  3. Preferred Seating: Corporate travelers may have access to preferred seating options, such as extra legroom seats or seats in premium cabins, which can enhance their comfort during flights.

  4. Frequent Flyer Benefits: Companies often accrue frequent flyer miles or points from corporate travel, which can be redeemed for future travel or other benefits. This can result in cost savings and upgrades for both the company and its employees.

  5. Cost Savings: Many airlines offer corporate travel programs or partnerships that provide discounted fares for business travel. These negotiated rates can lead to significant cost savings, especially for companies with frequent travel needs.

  6. Consolidated Billing and Reporting: Corporate flight tickets can be centrally billed, making it easier for companies to manage expenses and track travel-related costs. This simplifies the accounting and reporting process.

  7. Dedicated Support: Some airlines offer dedicated customer service support for corporate travelers, ensuring quick assistance with booking changes, cancellations, or other travel-related inquiries.

In summary, corporate flight tickets offer a range of benefits that cater specifically to the needs of business travelers and their employers. These advantages contribute to more efficient, cost-effective, and organized business travel experiences, ultimately enhancing productivity and overall satisfaction for both the company and its employees.

We guide our Corporate Partners and help them by getting them enrolled with multiple leading airline and hotel chains under their respective corporate programmes.

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